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There's an old saying: "Gold is where you find it.", and nothing could be more true for this golden delight. One would think it's a law that Blenheim can't be sold in the same place more than a month. When I called the Blenheim factory a couple of years ago to find Blenheim ginger ale, I was told there were only two people working in the operation. Was I talking to half the workforce?! I don't have an MBA, but that right there might make for slow production once in a while. I read somewhere that the Schafer family wants to take growth slow and steady, and I respect that. You wouldn't want to be found guilty of producing a nation of ginger junkies.

So, my fellow Blenheads, there's not much hope we'll find Blenheim Ginger Ale factory direct websites in the near future. You won't see a Blenheim machine standing next to those 'other guys' (they know they'd lose big money to this beverage). The Blenheim Shrine needs your help. Where stores sell Blenheim ginger ale, we need to know. When you find a place that's not listed, do the right thing, and for Blenny's sake, contact us.

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Some of these places sell online, some don't. Some may have it in stock now, some won't. Sigh...

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