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The Blenheim Shrine- Blenheims Ginger Ale

Well, it's been a long time coming, but here's a fansite dedicated to the best dang ginger ale drink in the whole world...the fire, the flavor, the most fantastic Blenheim Ginger Ale. Practically a secret treasure in ginger ales history, this amber delight has been around for more than 100 years, and with one taste, you will understand why it needs a shrine. It comes from Hamer, South Carolina, but it can take you to another dimension...

Blenheim Bottlers Factory Tour!

Blenheim ginger ale has attained legendary status, partly because it is hard to find, and partly because of its spicy kick that nearly causes out-of-body experiences. Oh sure, they have a 'not as hot' level, but my friends, if you aren't used to anything spicy, even Blenny's '#5' could make your head feel like it's in a toaster oven! The "OLD #3 HOT" is a hot ginger ale that's NOT for the weak of heart. Then again, it might jump start a heart or two. (Note: It helps not to breathe in before you get it in your mouth.)

Gotta have it!

Blenheim pink capAnd isn't that why we drink it? The firey before-, during-, and after-taste is downright addictive. Sip. That rushing sound you hear is your body's pain-killing endorphins ushering you to your own happy place. What adds to the drive for your next 'fix' of Blenny is that this drink is sometimes near impossible to find! You track down a supplier from a back-alley conversation, spend all your milk money for a couple of six-packs, and fifteen minutes later when you need more, it's not on the shelf...Well, it's not THAT bad, but you understand.

Blenheim 4 packYou talk about efforts to string you out... these savvy folks down in Hamer, SC, know that scarcity only fuels your desire. Who cares if only three people are running the bottling plant (I was told that.) No, the fine Blenheim makers know if they can keep the supply of this liquid gold steady but low, it makes it as precious as real gold. It becomes an adventure to find this treasure, and those who have once tasted the best ginger ale will do most anything for the next one. That brilliant design, my fellow Blenheads, is what makes Blenheim's way more than mere ginger ale.

In this humble shrine, pause for reflection, meditate on its incendiary goodness, and muffle your fiery ginger-scented screams in your shirtsleeve or a pillow.

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The Blenheim Shrine- Blenheim Ginger Ale, Blenheim Gingerale

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